kids vs global warming

May 12, 2012

Lore joins teens at a rally in front of the courthouse. Photo by Ruth Alice

Yesterday morning in US District Court in DC, Kids vs Global Warming asked that their case against the US government be allowed to proceed. Kids vs Global Warming says in its lawsuit that the US govt has an obligation to protect the atmosphere for current and future generations. They are asking the feds to lower emissions of CO2 by at least 6 percent a year starting in 2013.  Today, the judge heard a motion from industry groups, including the National Association of Manufacturers, to dismiss the suit. The lead plaintiff is 17-year-old Alec Loorz, who saw An Inconvenient Truth and became an activist at age 12. (The suit is Alec L. et. al vs. Lisa P. Jackson, et. al., although the defendants include the heads of Commerce, Interior, Commerce, Defense, Energy, and Agriculture departments.)

David Swanson, who spoke at the rally outside the hearing, posted this blog about the day.

The Atlantic and also had articles about Alec and his lawsuit.

“I think a lot of young people realize that this is an urgent time, and that we’re not going to solve this problem just by riding our bikes more,” Alec Loorz said in an interview in The Atlantic.

3 Responses to “kids vs global warming”

  1. Lore Rosenthal said

    Ruth Alice was there too! She took the picture.

  2. Betsy said

    Heart-warming photo/article. Sad that we’re betraying our children in favor of fossil fuels.

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