yet another consequence of fracking

May 25, 2012

So, to frack in PA, the drillers need LOTS of sand from Wisconsin. Below is an excerpt from an essay in Orion Magazine on the subject by Sandra Steingraber (the biologist who turned over most of her $100,000 Heinz foundation award to the anti-fracking movement and who was one of the speakers at the American Visionary museum conference in b’more this winter):
“Every day, at least one full train of mined sand leaves Wisconsin for gas fields in Pennsylvania or oil fields in North Dakota. The number of operating sand mines in the state has doubled over the past five months. Each one is five hundred to one thousand acres in size, which is ten to twenty times larger than the average gravel pit. “It’s huge,” says a mineral commodity specialist quoted in the Associated Press. “I’ve never seen anything like it, the growth. It makes my head spin.” …. Sand County streams are filling with silt, rural roads are filling with 24/7 truck traffic, and rural air is filling with the noise of loading rail cars and crystalline silica. …”
Photo: Frack sand pit in Wyoming. Photo by John Tittle of Midwest Energy News. 


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